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DIY Christmas Crackers

If you’re struggling to find ready-made Christmas crackers that catch your eye - why not make you own and fill them with your own gifts?

Do it yourself crackers are extremely popular and provide a super opportunity for families to get involved in a joint venture in the build up to Christmas day - kits are available to buy from around £5.

We have some lovely Make Your Own Cracker kits from top stores including Early Learning Centre, QVC, Amazon, Argos, Tesco and Prezzies Plus.

These designer crackers come with everything you need to make the perfect addition to the Christmas dinner table and kids just love pulling crackers they’ve made themselves - it all adds to the Xmas party spirit.

Your cracker kit will include pre-cut foil card, tissue party hats, jokes and, ribbon, instructions - and of course, the all important cracker snaps.

Why not make your own gift-filled crackers this year?

There’s a nice range of DIY kits these days where you can make your own crackers or fill empty pre-made crackers with your own gifts - so why not get all the family together for some a fun festive activity?

The joy of making your own cracker range is that you can carefully select presents for people that you know they will like. Then you can make the cracker a real treat for everybody, rather than all the tacky novelty gifts in normal crackers being left behind on the table after Christmas dinner.

When you make your own crackers you can often design the cracker yourself, sticking on pretty ribbons or sequins or you can get children to colour them in. You can even personalise them so that each cracker is suited to the person who it is being given to. Fill your own homemade crackers are a super idea.

The crackers will come with a snap, hat and often a joke too, so you don't have to worry that they won't be traditional enough. They will still crack like normal crackers and you can still have the same fun with the jokes and hats as you always did. Popular colours include silver, white, gold, purple, red, black, pink and blue.

When you choose your own presents for crackers you can either pick little cheap gifts that are fun or something more expensive that is like another present. You won't have to feel upset that you wasted money on crackers with gifts that people didn't appreciate, as when you purchase the gifts yourself, you can make sure that it is something that everyone likes. If you don’t have time to make them from scratch you can buy empty crackers and fill them with your own choice of gifts.

You can also fill the crackers with little sweets or chocolates, games or playing cards, or items that remind you of your childhood like finger puppets, stretchy men and jumping beans. You could even make the cracker really special for your loved one and use it to house an expensive piece of jewellery or even and engagement ring. Make-your-own crackers kits range from around £5 to more than 20.

So whether it be for fun or to impress your guess with quality gifts, making your own crackers will be sure to be a great hit with all your Christmas dinner guests.