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Christmas Crackers 2012/14

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Compare UK prices for Christmas Crackers

Christmas dinner just wouldn’t be the same without a selection of festive Christmas crackers on the table.

Pulling festive crackers with family and friends is a fun Christmas tradition - the paper Christmas hat and gift inside a cracker is as much a part of the Xmas experience as the traditional turkey and mince pies.

We’ve trawled around the leading UK stores to bring you the best deals for crackers, Christmas trees, lights, hampers and other items.

Prices for a cheap box of crackers start at under £5 and rise to more than £25 for a selection of luxury crackers.

                            Read more about buying Xmas crackers below


Christmas Crackers - making things go with a bang on Christmas Day!

Christmas crackers are an integral part of our annual festive celebrations - they've been around since 1847 and are certain to be a family favourite on the Christmas dining table for many years to come.

And the dining table isn't the only place you'll find crackers - mini crackers are often used to add a touch of colour to Christmas trees. And of course the humble cracker is found at many other celebratory events during the year - birthday parties, wedding parties, works parties, Halloween parties and christenings. Xmas crackers provide plenty of fun for many occasions.

The Xmas cracker goes hand-in-hand with Christmas, alongside other popular Yuletide and New Year items such as the Christmas tree, Christmas decorations and lights, the holly wreath, the Christmas hamper - and, of course, Christmas gifts and presents.

Crackers are big business these days and can be found in all shapes, sizes and colours - some people like to buy their crackers in a specific colour each year - black, gold, white, purple, silver or green, for example. Others prefer a colourful mixture of crackers adorned with logos, patterns a nd designs.

In these days of computers and high-technology gadgets, there's nothing more simple than the Yuletide cracker - all it takes is two people to grab each end of the cracker and pull until a chemical strip cracks with a small bang and breaks apart. The winner of the pull is the person left holding the biggest section of the cracker containing a prize.

A cheap box of crackers will cost you less than £5 but if you want to buy something a bit more special, you can expect to pay upwards of £20 for a luxury selection of crackers. A cracker consists of cardboard tubing which is wrapped in various types of paper, giving it the appearance of an oversized sweet wrapping.

The visual appearance of celebration crackers is always similar whether they are cheap or expensive - but it's the contents of a cracker which really captures the imagination of the two people who are pulling it. Budget crackers often contain nothing more than a paper hat, a joke or motto on a slip of paper and a basic small toy, magic trick, trinket or novelty - but luxury crackers contain much more impressive gifts, with really expensive brands rewarding the winner of the cracker-pull with something as delightful as a small piece of jewellery.

Crackers are traditionally sold in boxes of three to a dozen but single giant Christmas crackers are also very popular these days and consist of one huge cracker which contains numerous gifts.

We’ve trawled around to bring you the best prices for budget and luxury crackers from dozens of leading UK stores including Marks and Spencer, Laura Ashley, John Lewis, Debenhams, Chappell of Bond Street, Woolworths, House of Fraser, Tesco, Argos, B&Q, Amazon, ToysRUs, Asda, Greenfingers, Homebase and Sainsburys. The festive season just wouldn’t be complete without a box of Xmas crackers.

The history of the humble Cracker

Crackers were invented in 1847 by Thomas J. Smith of London who came up the idea of making them as wrappings for his bon bon sweets. When sales of his sweets began to fall he decided to include a slip of paper containing motto or saying inside the cracker as a promotional idea. It's claimed he later hit on the idea of adding a banging mechanism inside the cracker after hearing the sound of crackling log on a fire. The coated almond sweet in the cracker was soon dropped and the inventor's son Tom Smith later took the concept further by adding other elements to the cracker including a paper hat and small gift.

As they say, the rest is history and the cracker has gone on to gain worldwide popularity, with Christmas being the best time for cracker sales.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Xmas Crackers

There’s a wide variety of crackers available to buy in these modern days - let’s take a look at some of the fantastic choices available:

Mini Crackers - mini crackers are a popular choice with children and are great for scattering around your Christmas tree to give it extra sparkle and colour. And they’re size means when won’t dominate the tree and clutter its appearance. Mini crackers can be bought in boxes containing varying numbers and normally only contain a hat, joke or kids transfer or stickers - there’s rarely room for a proper gift. We feature an impressive range of mini Christmas crackers.

Make Your Own Crackers - more and more people have taken to making their own designer crackers. This provides an opportunity for fun and excitement in the run up to Christmas and New Year and allows parents and children to take part in a joint activity. Do it Yourself homemade crackers are available in a range of sizes and designs and many leading stores sell Make Your Own Crackers kits. It’s now also possible to buy empty crackers which people can fill with gifts of their own choice - unfortunately the gifts inside some crackers are cheap and nasty plastic items, so a good way to ensure your family and friends get a prize worth having in their cracker is to buy the contents yourself.

Luxury Christmas Crackers - if you want your crackers to be that extra bit special then you should avoid the cheap brands and opt for more expensive luxury crackers. These can range in price from £10 upwards with the gifts inside the crackers improving with quality the more your budget will stretch to. You’ll certainly get more than the standard motto and paper hat in luxury crackers - for example the luxury crackers from Debenhams include a deluxe pen, compact mirror, interchangeable screwdriver, bottle opener and stapler. If you want to impress your family and friends with their cracker contents, take a look at our luxury Christmas crackers.

Kids Theme Christmas Crackers - children just love pulling crackers - and the experience is even more enjoyable when the crackers are based on their favourite children’s television, film or book characters. There are dozens of kids theme crackers available featuring popular characters with boys and girls - we feature an extensive range of kids theme crackers including Thomas the Tank Engine crackers, Peppa Pig crackers, Ben 10 crackers, Disney crackers, Dora the Explorer crackers and Scooby Doo crackers.

Giant Crackers - this is a great centrepiece for any Christmas dinner table and is becoming a popular choice for the festive season. They are filled with a super selection of goodies which may include musical instruments such as tambourines, castanets, maracas and even songsheets - so you can have a spot of Christmas day music making. Others contain various novelties such as fancy dress wigs, glasses and noses, magic tricks and a variety of sweets, hats, balloons, playing cards and a host of other gifts. There are some fantastic giant crackers available here.  

Musical Crackers - musical crackers are all the rage and are perfect for getting the party atmosphere into top gear after Christmas lunch. Some contains whistles and pan pipes while others have a selection of hand bells - with included music sheets - so you can play tunes with friends and family. If you’re looking for fun and music during Christmas and New Year, some of the musical crackers featured here are what you need.

Football Crackers - football fanatics can now buy crackers themed on their favourite team. Football team crackers are becoming very popular and are available for various teams including Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton, Liverpool, Celtic, Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham. Each cracker features the team crest and colours and may include a variety of items in the crackers including key rings and referee whistles decorated with the team emblem.

You can't have a traditional Christmas dinner without buying crackers. When you ask people what really gets the fun going around the Christmas table they usually say it’s pulling the Xmas crackers. As soon as mum, dad and the kids sit down at the table the cracker pulling session gets underway.

Then everyone puts on their silly paper hats for the Christmas photo at the table. You can't fall asleep in front of the TV after Christmas dinner unless you are wearing a brightly coloured paper hat! And while you are waiting for dessert to be prepared you can read out the jokes, that are usually so bad everyone is in stitches even though they don't find the jokes at all funny.

A traditional family Christmas isn’t complete without crackers. Whether they be cheap or expensive or ones you have made yourself, they really help to make the day special and get everyone in the festive spirit.    

We have one of the biggest and best selections of crackers around - so get stocked up with everything you need for Christmas at the best prices online - you’d be crackers not to!

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